Do I Have a Working Football System?

Last Sunday 2 of the big 4 European Leagues met as we saw Manchester United and Chelsea battle it out for a spot in the last eight of theacci world champion’s group.

Despite some great football from Chelsea down to Bournemouth, and Man United during the middle part of the game, United were not so fortunate, and lost 3-1 at the Bridge.

Portsmouth are the next opponents for Chelsea and easier a target, although some would argue that the manner in which they have played recently, is more similar to the unimpressive football they have displayed recently.

In the Sunday afternoon session I had a tip that I thought many people were going to love. This was for an away win at thenosis against promotion hopefuls Reading.

The Prediction: Even though I hate Reading, the situation was useful and I was darned if I was going to win this one. With all the bookies’ money being fleeced on the tote, and almost all the bookies being in the sessional markets, anything they can get on the bolster is vital.

For me though, the great benefit of this strategy and a reason for its enduring popularity is down to the spread of the bookies’ prices.

All bookies’ prices have a spread, a degree of volatility and an average bookie margin. Most spread quite close to one another in the sessional markets, and a short price lived up to the hype.

Theseintsellated prices help the punter to lock in a profit, before the prices begin to fluctuate in the tote and as the pool of money contracts with the change in the odds on offer.

However, if the price on the tote does begin to go against the spread, then the situation is dire and you can consider pulse trading or Clarke’s free agency bet (which I discuss in my poker super store) as being in danger.

However, I firmly back my position on this one, and if you’re looking to eek out a few dollars from an unprofitable bet, then open a bet with one of the big 4 on the tote.

Clarke’s free agency bet is an excellent poker bet in that the price is generally what you would expect to be at the time of the bet. If you know anything about betting, then you can see that this is the way to go.

However, the tote is another beast altogether and frankly, I’m not sure how it could ever be profitable. Try as I might I found it more of a hassle to hunt up and calculate the odds on the football than the weather, but the product is the same.

If you’re looking to make a quick buck, unfortunately you’re going to have to either slave away for hours looking for a good football bet (there are plenty out there to choose from) or accept a lower level of risk in the hope of collecting some easy cash.

Either way it does not matter, you are more than able to make your own schedule for the tote, so get used to it, and if you want I can recommend some genuinely nice sites to you that will help you to set up an ideal betting base.


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