How to Pick a Winner - Horse Betting Systems

How to Pick a Winner – Horse Betting Systems

Good horse race betting systems can really add value and profit to the bettor. No matter what type of horse betting systems that are available, they all have one common goal and that is to help you pick a winner.

Even though each system is tuned to specific horses and different tracks, there are some general similarities that can be found in all of them. You have to pick a horse that is capable of winning a specific race. Raced pairs have to be avoided at all costs. You never want to see a double or triple. Regardless of what track you choose, single digit year age advantage always prevail. That means, the horse must be at least several months old to be capable of winning.

Then again, all systems are not the same. Not all systems are even quality. Some of the horse betting systems that you may purchase, may not be a quality product. But, there are still others that are quality and actually provide profit.

When choosing a horse betting system, you should forget the systems that claim to be the “secret weapons of the pros.” At best, they are a waste of money. At worst, you could lose your money with them. To find quality, you have to spend some time deciding which ones are trustworthy and trustworthy, and then trying them out.

Once you decide on a few you like, you need to stick with them. If you ever stop trying to use them, you will discover why. But, if you will all the time test them, you will soon understand why they are better than the ones that came before. In the end, you would have learned several of the most important rules to betting for profit.

Rule number one is to be selective. The more MPO500 you like, the more chances you have of finding a winning one. That precious rule has an effect of its own, making it easier to spot the right bet for you. It does not limit your choices, and that is a good thing.

It is also helpful to find a variety of bets. Betting on straight win bets or show and round robins, for instance, offer you the best odds of winning. However, they also offer the lowest house advantage, by far. The best of all are the combination bets, because they offer you the best probability of winning a lot of money at once. Majority of the winning bets offered are hit combinations.

An effect of the same rule is to always bet on the favorite. It lowers the odds and therefore, the house advantage. Through studying and validating the horses, the race, and the jockey, you can significantly lower the house advantage, often, and remain at that table throughout.

Finding a horse with highest odds is a guaranteed way to lose money. Aside from that, following the hundred top bets of the most reliable companies, you would greatly improve your chances of winning. Each betting company has its own name and reputation, and each of them has a unique betting system that is known to the highest number of bettors. This is a betting system that is kept secret and is only accessible to those people who react quickly and consistently bet on the winning bets.

These are the seven guidelines of betting on horses, made by experts. Following them would help you considerably increase your odds of winning, at least once in the racing season. You won’t win all of the time, you need the necessary time to make a profit. These are also the seven rules of a successful horse betting system:

  1. Be patient. Truth is, making profit cannot be rushed.
  2. Wait for a good opportunity. Horse betting is like a marathon, it is not possible to run for only one.
  3. Check out the horse’s past, especially its speed figures. This is the most crucial stage.
  4. Bet your money on the horse that has the best odds. The truth is that every horse has the ability to win a race on any given day, if given the chance.
  5. All horses are not of the same ability. It is not wise to lump two similar horses together in a bet.
  6. Even the rampant betters bet BLINDS. Not only because they can afford it, but also because they need to see if the horse can really win.