Multi-Tabling Texas Holdem Poker - Strategy and Training

Multi-Tabling Texas Holdem Poker – Strategy and Training

Multi-tabling your Texas Holdem poker games and practicing the different game strategies is an in-depth strategy article you might want to bookmark. Whenever I get stuck while playing a Sit and Go tournament my first thought is “I bet I can multi-table!” However, there are some holes in my game or maybe I’m just bad at it. Either way, I’ll try to squeeze out of the game as many chips as possible and try to get to the next level with the least amount of expectation.

The important thing to winning Sit and Go’s is toountain the most chips possible. Players who are making a name for themselves will eventually dominate the Sit and Go’s because they understand the game so well. Eventually the weaker players will not even recognize the players at their table. Once you are established at your game you can play at a limited number of tables at the same time. Don’t worry about playing many tables at one time because you can when you win at least one table at a time.

For you to get the most bang for your buck you need to multi-table Sit and Go’s whenever you can. You want to be playing more than one at a time if you have the availability. When you only play one Sit and Go at a time your overhead expenses go up significantly. Top pair will lose to middle pair and if you are playing both games you may not even get to see the flop in the easier case scenario. However, if you are winning multi-tabling you obviously make more money per hour than if you were playing in just one.

For those of you who don’t know, a Sit and Go all you need is three or four players. The tournament will start at the same time and you need to actually make a money deposit before being allowed to play in the tournament. The deposit is usually like 25% of your total bankroll. For example, if you have a total bankroll of $1,000 and you are playing in a $10+1 Sit and Go tournament then your deposit will be $25. You earn Chips during the game. You are also given a certain amount of credits with every bola88. You are not credited or paid for those credits, they are given to you. The tournament usually last about an hour. During that time other players will either be tired or tight to making a money deposit because they have already had to wait for the previous players. During that time other players will fold, allowing you to play and win. The secret is to play as many hands as possible and to pick-up the blinds. I recommend you wait for the later rounds (the ones that give you the most chance of winning) to play.

There are a lot of Sit and Go’s in the online world and you need to know which ones are your favorites. I suggest playing at the beginning because you have less risk. Protect your hand! Don’t be so eager to play a premium hand that you forget to install a defense against a solid hand. Your downfall will result from playing too many hands in the beginning. Mid-game play will win you the majority of pots. If you have a really strong hand I would wait to make a play against other strong hands. Protect your hand!