The UK Gambling Revolution and Sports Trading

The UK Gambling Revolution and Sports Trading

If you were to compare the gambling market today with that of twenty years ago, the difference… suffice to say would be massive.

Twenty years ago in the UK there were two or three major high street bookmakers controlling the domestic gambling markets. It was virtually impossible to make money betting long term, along side this market oligopoly people were charged tax on their winning bets, however this law was abolished in October 2001 in the UK.

In today’s world the market has developed significantly and has near ‘perfect competition’ thanks to maturing Internet technologies allowing punters to bet online through bookmakers, betting exchanges and spread betting firms.

A number of spin-off techniques have grown popular because of this, such as bookmaker-led arbitrage, where the gains on both sides of a sports spread are made using a bookmaker-led betting exchange.

A growing band of ‘professional gamblers’ have developed sophisticated systems and are today able to regularly exploit the market in near ‘perfect competition’ with bookmakers using smart money management, a secret of the big rollers, which is also referred to as sports arbitrage.

This practice is especially popular in the UK after the introduction of the betting exchanges. Weiss, Lissack, thinned Way, troubled years and so on, the market for professionals who bet or trade on sporting events relies on a highly commercial technique, enabling them to locate and bet at will on sporting events, the outcomes are almost guaranteed, the only ‘safe bet’ being that no team will win.

Professional gamblers can bet in almost any market. Recently a survey showed that seventy per cent of traders betting cricket worldwide made their living from betting, almost all making a small bet on every trade.

In the UK between 1995 and 1999 the figure was around ninety per cent, ninety per cent of survey respondents said they were making bets for income purposes, the remainder were only occasionally. Betting was the backdrop to almost every conversation I heard on the street, people, especially women, were making bets as a way of keeping pace with the times.

itionally thought of as a dangerous horn boss, in fact there are many professional traders in the City of London who are making a comfortable living from Vodka138. An old nickname for these men is the ‘Men who spend Millions to lose Millions’.

adays professional investors are less likely to fly blindly, due to the highly regulated environment they live in. However some of the techniques used to earn an easy buck are still the same. Trillions of dollars are traded every day on the financial markets, yet many still fly blindly.

Ken Silver, an investing professional, explained an old saying “Get your homework right” i.e. you need to understand your product and figure out what you need to learn. When you start learning how to trade shares for a living it is crucial you understand how capital flows through the market, how it degraded during a previous trading session and how it is behaving today.

Let’s be clear here, it’s isn’t difficult to learn how to make a few dollars by betting on sporting events, you can do it in a further two to three years depending on your schedule. The thing is you will never be able to make a regular bet because never enough ‘ggie bots’ will appear on the scene and make it profitable to run them.

asters and masters of trading equities are not in the habit of runningreplybots, instead they usetersonpro bots that signup for arbitrage opportunities and then automate the arbitrage trading process, making money with a single signup. Esk makes money with his ‘nearly- identifiably-aughty’ bots. He has corresponded over the years and exchanges with inventors and others in the industry to discover how they operate.

This is a quite normal scenario in the industry, and it goes to show how a booming industry can still stay ahead of the curve.

It isn’t hard to find bots to trade equities, but it is more difficult to find ones that explain how they work. Bots that are 9 to 5 working, can be hard to explain in a short email. But if you experience time to read between the lines, you will likely understand that trading equities is not about running point specific bots that do nothing in particular. New ones that sound interesting to you may not have a practical application, so it’s best to work hard to find the profitable bots that don’t just sit around waiting for you to give them tokens.

If you do understand the bot’s functions, and can successfully work with them, you are ready to start trading equities on a daily basis. When you work with them on a trading basis, your trading position will likely to be better than if you had placed your trades manually, because you will be following what the bot is doing.